Retained Executive Search™ Reimagined
While our competitors promote an overpriced product developed in the 1950’s, we’re helping customers retool their Human Capital Management practices for the New Era. By focusing on Roster Effectiveness™, we’re able to provide customers with Outstanding Search Outcomes and Superior Candidate Reliability for about a third of the cost of traditional retained executive search.


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The goal of every executive search is to facilitate a good business decision. Great hires can result from internal promotion, external hire, or even choosing to maintain the status quo. What has been missing is a cost-effective means to determine the right candidate for a key position.

We developed DecoupledSearch™ as a better alternative to traditional retained executive search.

For a $10,000 Search Fee, we’ll generate the data you need…6 to 9 qualified & interested external candidates…to facilitate a great hire.

You pay our Hire Fee only if one of our candidates is selected.


Any competent Executive Recruiter should be able to identify, recruit & start an external candidate…that’s Recruiting 101. The real value derived from an external hire is a function of what the hired candidate produces after they join your company.

We protect enterprise value by only presenting candidates likely to remain with your company long enough to produce a return on your investment, and use our industry-leading 3-Year Candidate Warranty™ to mitigate Early Candidate Failure risk.

If you determine the right candidate for your key position is one of ours, you pay a 15% Hire Fee.

Should our candidate leave your payroll for any reason prior to their third anniversary, we’ll conduct a search for their replacement free of charge.


Promote, Recruit or Defer? Unexpected Executive Departure

Is promoting from within really the best option when replacing a departing executive? If you’re relying on internal promotion to fill your key leadership positions, we’d like to show you a better way…

Your existing workforce is undoubtedly an invaluable source of candidates, but you improve cost structure effectiveness when you deploy the Best Available Candidate for a key vacancy.

Our customers routinely realize six-figure savings over our So Cal competitor by using DecoupledSearch™ when choosing internal promotion or external hire from another source.



So Far, So Good? Interim Executive Validation

You’ve recently named an Interim Executive to a key position and so far, so good: How do you determine whether or not to make the appointment permanent?

It’s no longer necessary to endure “The Whole Megillah” by buying a retained executive search, when all you really need is validation.

Our customers routinely realize six-figure savings over our Second City competitor by using InterimConfirm™ when choosing conversion over external hire.



Play or Trade? Opportunity Cost of Retaining an Executive

A seat on your Senior Management team is the pinnacle of executive achievement. Not unlike Owners of professional sports franchises, Investors demand ongoing & exceptional contribution from Senior Managers in order to justify their significant cost-to-company.

Lean corporations no longer rely solely on past performance to predict future contribution from Senior Managers.

Our customers routinely realize six-figure savings over our Swiss competitor by using Roster Genius™ when choosing retention over external hire.



$10,000 Search Fee

A Search Fee of $10,000 is collected upon start of your search: Our customers are never invoiced installment, progress or retainer payments.

15% Hire Fee

Should you select one of our candidates, a Hire Fee equal to 15% of their first-year annual base salary is collected upon their start with your company.

We Pay Search Expenses

We pay our own out-of-pocket search expenses; typically reducing your total executive search costs by as much as 15-20% and more importantly, eliminating surprises.


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