Succession Planning is Dead

What happened? Quite simply, the Lean Movement eliminated most of the value of traditional Succession Planning. Whereas in the past, companies invested in building Bench Strength and creating redundancy in their leadership ranks, today’s Lean organizations use Just-In-Time principles to do the opposite.

Companies that have been using Lean practices to improve cost structure effectiveness across their operations, are now discovering the benefits of doing the same when it comes to Human Capital Management. Our customers understand that in addition to being an indispensable management tool, retained executive search is also an invaluable resource for Just-In-Time Human Capital Management, especially when done right.

We developed DecoupledSearch™ as a better alternative to traditional retained executive search. We produce great hires with superior candidate reliability for one-third the cost of traditional retained executive search. Have a vacancy in North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific or India? Let us show you how to derive more value from your executive search dollar.

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