Terms & Conditions



Specification Development
We will meet with you and any other person(s) you deem necessary to better understand your business situation and your specific needs. We will translate those needs into a detailed Search Specification, which we will submit within one week of our meeting for your review.

Executive Recruitment
From the Search Specification, we will determine the industries and specific companies within those industries that may be sources of qualified candidates for your position. We will look in the targeted geography and if necessary, elsewhere in the world. We will then approach, solicit and qualify prospective candidates via telephone, email, as well as in-person, where necessary.

Candidate Evaluation
We will conduct an Evaluation Interview with each qualified & interested candidate via telephone to determine his or her suitability and motivation for pursuing your position, render a shortlist decision, rank relative to any previously shortlisted candidates, and include in our Candidate Comparison Grid.

We will begin submitting our Candidate Comparison Grid along with shortlisted candidate-submitted resumes within two weeks of the Search Start Date.

Project Management
To ensure a satisfactory search outcome, we will provide direct support & assistance throughout.


Search Fee
Our Search Fee of USD10,000.00 will be satisfied by your successful online payment.

Hire Fees
Should you hire any of our candidates, a Hire Fee equal to 15% of the successfully hired candidate’s first year base salary will be invoiced on-or-before the Candidate Start Date.

Our fees are non-refundable and exclusive of all taxes and bank charges applicable.


If a candidate hired through our search efforts leaves your payroll for any reason prior to their third anniversary with your company, we will conduct a search for their replacement free-of-charge.

This warranty is subject to payment of all invoices, is non-transferable, and is valid for thirty days from the candidates’ departure date.


All payments are due upon receipt of our invoices. Please remit payment(s) via direct deposit, wire transfer or credit card.


We pay all expenses incurred by us during this assignment. However, Candidate Expenses (i.e. travel, lodging, meals, etc.) if any, will be the direct responsibility of your company.


Should you instruct us to make travel arrangements for a candidate on your behalf, we will invoice you at actual cost plus a fifteen percent administrative fee.


You may choose to exclude any customer-identified candidate from our process; should you instead choose to include them and they are subsequently hired, our Hire Fee will apply.


This search will be considered concluded if any of the following occurs:

1. You instruct us to discontinue the search;
2. The hiring manager, position location, or major responsibilities change during the search;
3. Any of our candidates is hired by your company.


We will not recruit or cause to be recruited any candidate hired through our search efforts for at least three years from their start of employment with your company.


Direct communication with the hiring manager is essential to the success of a search. We appreciate the value of our customer’s time, and will make every effort to keep our communication with the hiring manager to a minimum.


To facilitate computation of the Hire Fee as well as for corporate audit purposes, your company agrees to provide us with a copy of the signed offer letter for the successfully hired candidate upon their acceptance.

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